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SolTech is a reliable guide to your business in the stormy sea of ​​online. Even yesterday, creating a corporate website or registering a company page on social networks was considered a tribute to fashion. Today it is primarily a matter of survival of your favourite business. Times have changed. And we are ready to offer you effective solutions.


  • team of online marketers


  • together you gain all our knowledge and experience for use in the interests of business development and optimization


  • Request a site analysis, ask to calculate the cost and results of an advertising campaign in Google, ask us how to promote the official page on Facebook and Instagram, set a task to regularly write and fill your sites with unique texts — we will always respond immediately!

What's so special about SolTech?

Let’s get acquainted! SolTech has been in the digital marketing market for over 15 years. Although we have been with Digital Marketing for a long time, we do not forget to constantly monitor new products and test them in practice.

We have something to be proud of. More than 1,500 successfully implemented SolTech projects operate in 8 countries around the world. This is a business in which we are involved. This result inspires you to constantly improve and move forward.

Quickly bring your business online

SolTech’s portfolio includes about 450 sites created from scratch. Our works include not only creative designers, programmers, QA engineers, writers, but also painstaking analytical work of marketers, SEO specialists, SMM specialists and project managers. We create comprehensive solutions that help businesses not just go online. We know how to make a name for yourself and stand out from the competition.

We qualitatively support the growth of your company

The next step after creating a site and pages on social networks is promotion. This is a long, painstaking and uninterrupted work. And SolTech specialists will do it perfectly for you. We not only light up the stars, but also help businesses become more visible to new customers every day. Long-term cooperation with us brings success. It’s time for you to join the community of hundreds of SolTech regular customers.

We are constantly learning and developing

SolTech is a company that provides quality business services in the field of online marketing. And we succeed first of all thanks to the team. We bring together experienced, creative and time-tested people who love their work. The company has 14 employees who are constantly learning and improving. In the dynamic market of marketing services, we choose the best.

We work openly and honestly

One of our main advantages is stability. We are not a one-day agency, but an officially registered company with ambitious plans. By concluding a cooperation agreement with SolTech, you receive a legal guarantee of fulfilment of promises. And your accountant — all the necessary documents to include payment for SolTech services on operating costs.

What SolTech services does your business need?

Each business is individual. Template solutions no longer work. You do not need a site like your competitor or texts like your partners. You are looking for your own path to the client. We know how to help.

Get acquainted with the list of SolTech services. What do you need from this list?

  • Fast and high-quality development of sites of varying complexity. We create landings, business card sites, corporate sites and online stores s. The term of work after coordination of all details takes from 5 working days.
  • Customise effective advertising for your target audience. AdWords search advertising and targeted advertising on social media will help you find customers who are willing to buy and increase your brand awareness.
  • Online business promotion. SEO-optimization of the site and promotion of pages in social networks requires knowledge, time and consistency. Our specialists are ready to support your business for a long time and promote its growth.
  • Business technical support and specialist advice. We register the domain, offer quality hosting and monitor the constant updating of content. With SolTech you get a competently created site that works for you.

The field of online marketing is constantly changing. With SolTech, your business will easily keep up with these changes. After all, online space is both new opportunities and new challenges. We will help you take full advantage and avoid unnecessary risks.

Use the SolTech experience to grow your business

Skills, knowledge and creativity of SolTech specialists at your service. We offer efficient algorithms for different stages of business evolution. Therefore, do not delay: the best time to start our cooperation is today!

Go online with SolTech or a good start

If so far you have only developed your business offline, now is the time for change. With our company, beginners quickly notice the benefits of online business development. This is how our cooperation will take place.

➔  Step 1. Acquaintance and immersion in your field of activity.

First of all, SolTech specialists delve into the specifics of the market, analyze the activities of competitors and study the target audience. Then consider in detail your strategic plans, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the company. Communications are as convenient as possible for the client: telephone interviews, questionnaires, meetings online or offline.

➔  Step 2. Development of proposals for business branding.

The harmonious image of the company is important for the online environment. We know how to create a name, a trademark, a unique trade offer, a brand voice, a corporate identity design. Your brand must be perceived holistically and gain the trust of future customers.

➔  Step 3. Creating a site and pages on social networks.

We will help you choose and register a domain, help with hosting, develop technically competent solutions, fill the site and pages with quality content, set up advertising offices and launch test campaigns.

➔  Step 4. Support and business advice.

We offer several options for profitable cooperation to promote the site and pages. Whichever option you choose, technical support and expert advice from SolTech specialists will always be available to you.

Quick help from SolTech or free up your time

Are you already confused about the contextual advertising settings on the site, or are your employees tired of the additional responsibilities of posting on social networks and on the company’s official website? So, the time for our acquaintance has come! We offer to delegate online marketing to SolTech specialists.

➔  Step 1. Audit of your sites and business pages.

We will find answers to the question why your site does not attract new customers, and the cost of advertising on social networks seems futile. We will conduct a detailed analysis and find all the errors.

➔  Step 2. Bug fixing and technical improvements.

After careful research, experienced QA Engineers will prepare a report and proposals. We will agree on everything with you and implement the recommendations. Often at this stage, customers notice that the site has started working.

➔  Step 3. Update content.

Quality content should set you apart from the competition. In addition, it guarantees high positions in the organic search of Google and the first step towards a stable influx of new customers. We will prepare relevant articles and posts, update visual content, improve graphics and design.

➔  Step 4. Launch advertising campaigns.

We will prepare a plan of advertising campaigns in accordance with the marketing strategy, run test options and choose the most effective ones. We’ll make contextual and targeted advertising work for your business.

➔  Step 5. SEO-promotion and SMM-support.

Gradual and thorough SEO is one of the most effective methods of attracting customers, and the right approach to SMM allows you to turn just a business into a recognizable brand with a loyal audience. We know how to do it for you.

Conquer new heights with SolTech

In the changing field of online marketing, it is important and at the same time difficult to keep up with all the news. That’s why every SolTech specialist is constantly improving in his field. Your company’s marketers can use our knowledge. Outsource some of the processes for improvement.

Wherever you are now, we are confident that tomorrow you will achieve more.

Together with SolTech.

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